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I offer online consultations or a combination of online and in-person meetings. The convenience of virtual sessions means I can reach my clients all over the world. You can be at the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are able to create a little space where you are not going to be disturbed. You will need an internet connection and access to Zoom account. Let me know if you need some assistance with Zoom setup. Once our session is booked, I will email you a link and by clicking on it, you will get to a secure virtual room where we meet.

let's meet in nature

How would you feel about meeting me in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, and unconstrained by the four walls of your room and the four corners of your computer screen. Being surrounded by nature offers an immersive experience that can foster a greater connection to your sense of self and to the natural world we are an integral part of. My favourite place to meet is Fairlop Waters Country Park, it is a magical place where in a peaceful and quiet space we can walk, sit by the water and explore our experiences of how the outer world meets your inner reality.

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Fairlop Waters Country Park

Forest Road, Barkingside, IG6 3HN

Closest tube station: Fairlop (Central line)

It’s an 8-minute walk to the park from the station.

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