A tour of my suite of transformational services 


Hold my hand and let me walk you through my high-level services to support you as you embark on this journey towards soul-led self-actualisation, deep discovery and inner-knowing. 


Like there’s no one way to live, there’s also no one way to change your life. I offer a collaborative experience in 3 distinct ways; from the most traditional, in the form of psychotherapy (with a soulful edge) to astrology and holistic style coaching. All are designed to put you back in control of your life and align your values and your greater purpose in life. 

Take a look at my suite of services and see which one resonates with you most.

I offer a range of therapeutic services that are trauma informed, body- based, and integrate my knowledge and experience from various backgrounds into an approach that is uniquely, and perfectly, suited to each individual. Together, we will explore the story that brings you to therapy or coaching. I will guide you to feel your story so that you can move beyond the constraints of your familiar patterns and behaviours.  I will invite you to be curious and open to all that presents itself and eventually you will trust to your own inner voice and your ever-unfolding process. You will begin being fully present and you will recognise the wisdom that’s within. My job is done when you can use these tools of self-inquiry and begin to implement them in your life outside of our sessions.

- Deep Psychotherapy & Counselling -

  • Getting support through your insecurities, longings and challenges. Be guided through life transitions and be held in a safe space where we un-shame your feelings and connect with the intelligence within your unique experience. 

Psychotherapy can help with the process of birthing something new into life.

Psychotherapy creates a space where you get to meet your Self fully, unapologetically and authentically. You don’t need to be in a crisis to want to explore your life and gain full ownership of your feelings and needs. You can choose when you are ready to claim yourself and your life. By bringing all of your different parts together and experiencing yourself through your body, you integrate and transform.

Here’s what you can expect and enjoy in this package:

  • Psychological exploration using psychotherapy and psychology to support you on a path that leads to greater self-awareness, growth and personal development
  • Astrological analysis of your blueprint for your life cycles and themes using evolutionary, archetypal, experiential and psychological astrology
  • Somatic coaching, an embodied practice that helps regulate the nervous system and create safety on a cellular level. Here’s where we get to explore the science of epigenetics
  • Creative expression provides an opportunity to dive into art making, observing metaphors and archetypes. We’ll also harness visualisation to take you into the realm of your wildest dreams… where anything is possible
  • Soulful practices and rituals allow us to work with the energies of the Moon and its phases to allow a more harmonious approach to leading a fuller and more impactful life
  • The female body and its cycles invite the exploration and celebration of the arc of the woman’s life in a holistic way – embrace the power of your flow
  • Embodied intelligence practices that facilitate a reclamation of your body, your somatic wisdom, your sensuality and your pleasure. Moving beyond unhealthy and limiting narratives and exploring the depths of connection with your beautiful body.

Traditionally therapy focuses on what’s wrong and not working rather than on one’s resourcefulness, aliveness and inner wisdom. This is what makes my approach unique and highly effective with my clients. 

We work together on UNSHAMING those parts of you that society tends to judge, condemn and pigeonhole into black-and-white boxes of “right” and “wrong”. No more self-censoring yourself and disconnecting from the parts you’ve been conditioned to hide and be ashamed of…  

Deep Psychotherapy & Counselling provides you with the space and tools to GROW THROUGH THEM rather than transcending or ignoring them (as many of us try to do). 

There is an incredible intelligence in your way of being. This style of transformation invites, encourages and supports you to work with it rather than against it… 

And when you do you can truly INTEGRATE & TRANSFORM

- Soulful Astrology Consultations -

Working with your astrological energy – rather than against it – you can transform your life and business. Learning about your chart is an empowering process leading to massive ah-has and breakthroughs.

Uncovering your astrological blueprint and aligning it with your unique path will unlock the potential you were promised at birth. Astrology, when used on a frequent basis; be that once a year, once a quarter or once a month, can lead to life-changing transformation, fresh perspectives and a deeper knowing of who you are. The power of this style of transformation lies in its consistency to tap into the wisdom of the planets and apply it to your life. Learn how to use your astrological map to navigate your life. 

Here’s what you can expect and enjoy in this package:


  • Work with your birth chart to understand how your current situation or an ongoing dilemma is constellated in your chart


  • Rapidly get to the heart of the issue by understanding the supportive influences or challenges that might be beyond your conscious awareness


  • Understanding your chart brings a sense of empowerment, acceptance and compassion and may suggest ways of moving forward


  • Become an active participant in our explorations with me by your side for expert guidance.


  • Explore how your chart is evolving over time, providing opportunities to grasp and optimise moving forward


  • Walk through your progressive astrology, This is a chance to look at the activated themes for the coming year


  • Make powerful, informed and aligned choices. You can also plan your personal and business life accordingly


  • Explore everything you’ve learnt in parts 1 and 2 into the context of your life plans, professional goals, timings of your projects, and your time with your loved ones


  • Look at where you are in life and business and determine the aligned course of action for you so you’re working in harmony with the cosmos


  • Learn to trust and understand that all answers are within you. You are, after all, an integral part of the Cosmic Consciousness.

Master your chart and design the life you can fully embrace and experience. Apply your newfound knowledge about planetary movements to optimise your calendar and your life. Learn and understand the powerful impact of New and Full Moons; how to harness their energy, and practically apply it in your life. 

Explore how to work with retrogrades. This is the celestial events when planets appear to change movement creating a particular impact that affects our earthly lives. 

No more wondering why, “all of a sudden” things stop working or feel out of sync both inside and outside of your body… Instead, you’ll be able to identify which area of your life will be affected by planets moving in and out of retrograde and how to use these shifts to your advantage…

Like discovering and tapping into a hidden superpower – without the hassle of capes and secret identities [wink] – Soulful Astrology, gives you the tools to optimise your energy, time and focus; knowing the best times to push through and, when to rest, revise and rejuvenate.

The road to soulfully aligned power and grace starts here…

Bringing the wisdom of Astrology into your therapeutic process allows us to access deeper levels of consciousness which lie beyond our surface and personal mind. Astrology helps us to recognize the existence and influence of collective and cosmic dynamics, and offers a framework to work with your historical, and current, events from a much wider perspective. This will most likely open up new ways of understanding your life and will offer fresh possibilities and potentialities that you might have not been aware of.  Psychotherapy enables us to bring this exploration into the body and so that you can truly work with it on all levels – mindfully, bodily, soulfully. We are then able to process and distil the meanings and practical guidance that you can readily apply in your life.

-Holistic Women-centred Coaching -
Transform by aligning with your inner compass

This 1:1 holistic guidance programme is designed to allow you to open yourself to your greatest potential and expand your presence in the world. This one-of-a-kind high-level coaching programme works with 3 integral components of the human condition to create transformational results.

We’ll work with the following components:

  1. SOUL

 Aligning with the soul using the wisdom of Astrology

  • Deepen your understanding of your natural cosmic/astrological blueprint  and the dynamics between your experiences in the world
  • Timings and life cycles to ensure you’re working in alignment with the energy of the planets to empower your progression and development in life and work
  1. BODY

Aligning with the body using somatic coaching that explores the nervous system, resourcing practices and body cycles

  • Nervous system support to help reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and build resilience to daily obstacles
  • Resourcing practices to create safety and well-being in the body
  • Aligning with the wisdom of your body and its cycles  For menstruating women, this will involve bringing a deeper awareness of the phases of their cycle. For all women, we’ll explore the whole arc of her life
  • Somatic intelligence practices that facilitate a reclamation of your body, your embodied wisdom, your sensuality and the pleasure of being you. Moving beyond unhealthy and limiting narratives and exploring the depths of connection with your beautiful body.
  1. MIND

Aligning with your authentic self; recovering and discovering the person behind social conditioning

  • Psychological exploration using psychotherapy and psychology to support you on a path that leads to greater self-awareness, growth and personal development
  • Creative expression provides an opportunity to dive into art making, observing metaphors and archetypes. We’ll also harness visualisation to take you into the realm of your wildest dreams… where anything is possible.

A personalised approach to long-lasting transformation with two modes of coaching: 

  1. Free flow, where we attend to whatever is present in your life
  2. Rhythmic orchestration where we work towards your specific goals and projects, aligning them with the most beneficial timings; your personal rhythms to synchronise with the ebbs and flows of your life etc.

You get to choose the path that suits you best allowing you to control the nature and cadence of the journey. 


I’ve created a transformational programme that provides you with the blueprint and tools to allow you to find or rediscover your true self, mission and purpose and to do so in a way that honours and celebrates your unique gifts, powers and ability to manifest remarkable things in this world.

Soulful Coaching is perfect if you are at a crossroads in your life, wish to start a new (ad)venture or desire a fresh perspective on a situation in life or work. 

A safe and person-centred container where you can build your dream life in alignment with your soul, body and mind. 

Together we will discover where your depth is, what’s in your shadow and the persona you’ve created to survive in a world that forces you to believe… 

you’re not enough or too much… 

too young or too old…

 too aggressive or too sensitive or 

too whatever… 

but never authentically perfect just as you are. 

Speaking of which, this soulful coaching programme invites you to explore what “authentic” *really* looks and feels like to YOU. With the help of astrology, you’ll have the tools and insights to know what you need to do so you can unleash your full potential. 

When you’re ready… it’s time to reclaim your body and soul. 

- Clinical Consultancy & CPD for Professionals -

Exciting opportunities and CPD courses for professionals wishing to deepen the scope of your clinical practice by delving into soulful and transpersonal realms. An opportunity to connect with and embody the ancient wisdom of the stars, align with the cycles of nature and planets, learn to “mine your gold” through shadow work and discover the healing propensities of the self and the planet.

- Self-Initiation Workshops for Women -

Together with my colleague and soul sister, Kate Merrick, I cultivate creative spaces for women to call in new beginnings as we reconnect to our feminine wisdom and journey towards becoming the fullest expression of ourselves. Through workshops, webinars and various events we support women in creating a new dialogue with their bodies, experiences, different parts of themselves, and to embody their fullest potential.