I offer a range of therapeutic services that are trauma informed, body- based, and integrate my knowledge and experience from various backgrounds into an approach that is uniquely, and perfectly, suited to each individual. Together, we will explore the story that brings you to therapy or coaching. I will guide you to feel your story so that you can move beyond the constraints of your familiar patterns and behaviours.  I will invite you to be curious and open to all that presents itself and eventually you will trust to your own inner voice and your ever-unfolding process. You will begin being fully present and you will recognise the wisdom that’s within. My job is done when you can use these tools of self-inquiry and begin to implement them in your life outside of our sessions.

- Psychotherapy & Counselling -

Psychotherapy is the space where you get to meet your Self fully, unapologetically and authentically. You don’t need to be in a crisis to want to explore your life and gain full ownership of your feelings and needs. You can choose when you are ready to claim yourself and your life. By bringing all of your different parts together and experiencing yourself through your body, you integrate and transform. 

Counselling (8 sessions or more) can be helpful when you are facing a life challenge that requires you to recalibrate and, find a new understanding and new ways of being.  It offers a transitional space and a supportive relationship to deal with the endings and new beginnings. The intention is to provide you with the tools and resources to move through your transitions consciously and feeling supported.


- Illuminating Astrology Consultations -

Bringing the wisdom of Astrology into your therapeutic process allows us to access deeper levels of consciousness which lie beyond our surface and personal mind.  Astrology helps us to recognize the existence and influence of collective and cosmic dynamics, and offers a framework to work with your historical, and current, events from a much wider perspective. This will most likely open up new ways of understanding your life and will offer fresh possibilities and potentialities that you might have not been aware of.  Psychotherapy enables us to bring this exploration into the body and so that you can truly work with it on all levels – mindfully, bodily, soulfully. We are then able to process and distil the meanings and practical guidance that you can readily apply in your life.

- Soulful Coaching -
Transform by aligning with your inner compass

Coaching offers practices and tools to help you approach life from a fresh and creative perspective and to help you connect with your personal power and access your inner guidance. This is especially important when you are at the cross roads, or want to start something more meaningful or just need a fresh perspective on your personal or professional situation. Astrology is incredibly helpful in understanding the cycles that govern our life, our personal cycles and the cosmic rhythms. The awareness of how the transiting planetary energies affect and shift your focus on certain areas of your life will allow you to work with these processes consciously and to make decisions that are aligned with them. As a result you optimise how you spend your energy, time, money by aligning your actions and efforts with the most ripe areas and timings.  

- Clinical Consultancy & CPD for Professionals -

Exciting opportunities and CPD courses for professionals wishing to deepen the scope of your clinical practice by delving into soulful and transpersonal realms. An opportunity to connect with and embody the ancient wisdom of the stars, align with the cycles of nature and planets, learn to “mine your gold” through shadow work and discover the healing propensities of the self and the planet.

- Self-Initiation Workshops for Women -

Together with my colleague and soul sister, Kate Merrick, I cultivate creative spaces for women to call in new beginnings as we reconnect to our feminine wisdom and journey towards becoming the fullest expression of ourselves. Through workshops, webinars and various events we support women in creating a new dialogue with their bodies, experiences, different parts of themselves, and to embody their fullest potential.