About my blog

This blog is intended for self-governing adults. There may be some occasional swearing, bluntness and lots of care for our shared imperfect humanness. Please don’t be offended by my style. Take what resonates with you and leave in peace what doesn’t.

I have a strong don’t mess with creativity policy. Again, no offence intended I just have a very clear boundary when it comes to self-expression. Those who take the risk to go into the arena of sharing their vulnerable human bones can often feel exposed and attacked by those who wish they had some gut to go out there and do the same. I send love and peace to both and ask that you please take responsibility for your own emotional responses.

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Embodied stories integrate your self

Making sense and connecting the dots of how our past relates and manifests in the present life is a relevant part of therapy. We all want to feel that what we are and what we do makes sense. And yet, the real integration requires more than putting all the pieces

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Self-esteem can be described as a generalized attitude we have toward ourselves. It consists of all the ideas that we have about ourselves, the way we feel toward ourselves and what we believe others think of us. Our self-esteem affects every aspect of our experience, from the way we function

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