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Welcome to My Integration Space. I’m Milena Kadziela, an integrative psychotherapist and psychologist with twenty years of experience in the counselling fields. I am also a paradigm shifter (aka the soulful rebel) who expands the therapeutic realm and our understanding of holistic growth, life purpose and our soulful journey.

The unique aspect of my work is that it is multidisciplinary and deeply integrative. I offer an approach that is aligned with your unique situation, your needs and your individual path. I creatively integrate and combine my expertise in psychotherapy, developmental psychology together with the essence and mysticism of many ancient spiritual traditions and teachings. My passion for the art and science of astrology and the cyclical wisdom of nature and cosmos lend themselves beautifully to helping orient your work in a wider field of influences.

I work with clients collaboratively. The two of us will explore your current situation together, identify what might be needed and decide how best to proceed to get you where you hope to be. I work from the premise that all we need is already within. With my experience, wisdom and my authentic presence and your commitment to yourself we help you reach your own resources, knowing and guidance.

Whever you come to me for therapy or coaching we will support you to feel yourself deeper. You will soon notice that experiencing yourself truthfully in the moment revitalises your entire life. You will learn to listen to your feelings and to your deep motivations and to use that listening to make decisions that are aligned with your True Self.

I will invite and guide you to experience your story through your body, senses, and intuition. In order to create long-lasting change and growth, we need to be aware of how your life stories organise your current life. When we add the wisdom of astrology to this process we are able to see what patterns were set in motion at the moment of your birth. We bring these to consciousness and explore how they unfold throughout your life. The awareness breathes fresh air into the structures and patterns that have become so habitual that you began to see them as your identity.  But, there is so much more to you and to your life, and I will be happy to help you expand your sense of what’s available to you, what feels aligned with your true nature, and how to work with the more challenging aspects in a growthful way. 

The aim of of your growth process, of your life experiences and of your birth chart is always integration. When you bring all parts of yourself together you start acting authentically and with full ownership of your personal power and your beautiful complexity. You integrate how you feel, think, behave and relate, and even though different situations will bring out various aspects of you, you will feel like one person.A

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