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Welcome to My Integration Space. I’m Milena Kadziela, an integrative psychotherapist and psychologist with twenty years of experience in the counselling fields. 

My work is multidisciplinary, deeply integrative and grounded in the body awareness. I offer an approach that is aligned to you and your unique situation, working from the premise that all you need is within you. I integrate my expertise in psychotherapy, developmental psychology with the essence and mysticism of many ancient spiritual traditions and teachings. My passion for the art and science of astrology and the cyclical wisdom of nature lend themselves beautifully to helping orient our work in a wider field of influences.

In order to create long-lasting change and growth, we need to be aware of how your life stories organise your current situation. When we add the wisdom of astrology to this process we are able to see what patterns were set in motion at the moment of your birth. We bring these to consciousness and explore how they unfold throughout your life. This awareness breathes fresh air into the structures and patterns that have become so habitual; this is when real alchemical transformation can begin.

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