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Most likely you reached this page as you are ready to respond to the voice in you that says: ‘it would be good to get some help with this’. Whatever ‘this’ is, that brings you here, some difficult feelings, or experiences, troubling thoughts or relationships… Welcome to My Integration Space.       

My name is Milena and I am happy to assist you. I work with clients in a collaborative fashion, meaning the two of us exploring together what your current situation is, what might be needed and how best to proceed to help you get to where you hope to be. I work from the premise that all we need is already within. I offer my experience, wisdom and my authentic being with you in the present to help you tap into your own resources, knowing and guidance.

In my work I invite and guide you to experience your story through your body and felt sense. Meaning making and connecting the dots on the intellectual level may have some benefits but in order to create long-lasting change or growth we need to live our stories not just tell them.

Therapy isn’t about making you feel better at once but about teaching you how to feel yourself better. Simply put, you get better at feeling. You may think you’d prefer the former – ‘just make it all right’ option. But I am here to tell you that therapy with me isn’t about a quick fix or take this or that step. It isn’t even about fixing anything. I am here to help you learn to listen to yourself, your feelings, your motivations (especially those out of your awareness) and to use that listening to make decisions in your life that are aligned with your True Self. The aim of therapy is an increased sense of integrity between how you feel, think, behave and relate. You get all your parts together (including the supressed ones) and start acting authentically and with full ownership of your personal power. 😉  

Milena Kadziela


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Her Embodied Stories

Come and sit with us
Come as you are
It is time
It is time to tell Her Story
To tell the story of Her body
It is time to tell Her Embodied Story

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