We’re so busy growing up… It’s time to grow down.

Deepen into your being, embrace your humanness and un-shame yourself

Dig deep into the person you are destined to be and
set your truest, soul-led and purpose-driven desires free.

Get off the hamster wheel powered by internalised values around patriarchy, capitalism and misogyny designed to feed the fear that you will never be good enough.

It’s time to turn the page, reimagine a life where you are the hero/heroine. Change the dial on the internal voice that tells you you’re not enough.

Write new words. Tell a new tale that’s empowering. And invite the world to hear your embodied story and witness your authentic self living a whole and soulfully aligned existence.  


- And to believe our feelings and emotions don’t matter

The school system in most Western countries is designed to manage and train our kids…Not educate them. I know that sounds extreme but hear me out.

We are told to sit still and disconnect from the intelligence of our bodies. 

We are required to be quiet and follow along rather than listen to the whispers of our souls and to our ingenious creative minds. 

We are trained to think top-down, placing the head as the boss, rather than bottom-up.

Bottom-up acknowledges the power of our deepest feelings, our bodily sensations and inner wisdom that derives from our somatic intelligence and our soul’s guidance. 

It can feel like a tussle between the mind and body at times – and the truth is we need both to work in harmony to purposefully and positively thrive in today’s world.

But what if we reserved the thinking (the head part) for later and permitted ourselves to feel the sensations and inner whispers of our hearts and bodies first? 

Working from the bottom up invites us to engage with ourselves on a deeper level, trust our intuition and allow our spiritual compass to lead the way before our head enters the equation. 

The problem we face is our current environment; from schools and offices to our homes and social circles, often they lack this supportive paradigm/framework. Our schools and communities often fail to adequately support the psychological, emotional, embodied and (especially) spiritual growth of the individual, and as a result, we are suffering. 

“To educate comes from a latin word ‘educere’ which means ‘to bring forth, to bring out, to bring up, to lead out’. 

The meaning tells us that there should be trust.  That all is within us and it just needs to be supported to unfold, to grow into its natural shape and then it can be guided out into the world.”

Many children who go to school are conditioned to believe in the importance of the group… Not the individual.


What do they say

Natalie Milligan
Copywriter / Coach | The Copy Rebel
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As I embarked on new ventures in my life I knew internal blocks were holding me back. Blocks that I had been ignoring for years but needed to shine a light on, pull out of the shadows and courageously work through. But I couldn’t do it alone and nor did I want to. There’s power in spiritually-aligned collaboration.

Milena’s soulful, human-centred and embodied approach to working with her clients lovingly invites you to explore those deep, dark places (that society has forced you to shut down and create shame around) without fear or judgement. Milena holds space for you to explore, discover, reconnect and release whatever’s holding you back. You’re given the time to process your experiences (past and present) as they bubble up and unfold so you can manifest and start to create to vision of the life you want from a place of deep inner knowing, peace and empowerment.

Such an undertaking can be overwhelming. I held on tightly to my trauma and demons because change can be scary but Milena understands this. She is wise, experienced and compassionate and remains by your side every step of the way, believing in your ability to reawaken and step into the human being you are destined to be. Working with Milena has been one of the most enriching and life-affirming moments of my life.

We reach our adult lives feeling lost from ourselves, disconnected in our relationships and confused about who we are deep down and what makes us happy from the inside out. 
We need a more ecological and sustainable perspective to address these problems. On a larger scale we need a framework and infrastructure that gives us the right tools, environment and guidance to create change.
On a personal level you need a safe space and wise counsel to retrain, recondition and reassess what it means to be you, in your body, in this world.  


Here’s why I do what I do… A few words about me -

I’ve been on a quest to find my soul family, people with whom I can celebrate life, feel safe to be myself with, and where I can soften and let my gifts be called out of me. 

This is hard to find in the disjointed, disconnected and surface-level way in which many of us function in the world today – myself included. That’s why I do what I do. 

I feel I have a role – a responsibility of sorts – in creating such a world. The world where business, education, governance, and prosperity are oriented to serve the individual in a holistic way. And as a result, impact the lives of those we love… and over time the world at large.

Since 2013, I’ve had this dream of creating My Integration Space – a conscious community where women, men, children, and families grow and prosper together. My products and services are carefully designed to support and achieve this mission.

Integration isn’t intended for the sake of becoming a better, more enlightened, successful or polished product…

…Integration is aimed at increasing the capacity for living life in its WHOLE spectrum. 

To celebrate life with all it entails – aliveness, sensuality, pain, grief, renewal and transformation. 

To experience all of life, to sense into it and fully experience every aspect of our existence… 

I admit… not an easy thing to do and it’s a lifelong practice, for sure, but… it’s worth it in the long run.That’s my idea of joy and an intentional life well-lived.


What do they say

Becky Colwell
Heart to heart sales
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Working with Milena is transformational. She has a talent for truly listening, gathering the disparate strands of my thoughts and pulling them together with clarity and understanding. She gets to the heart of the matter and is able to guide the conversation so that I gain my own insights – Milena lifts the veil in such a supportive way, and suggests things that are so on point, that you would think she were living in my head! Milena’ true gift though is how she then facilitates those all important mental and physical energetic shifts, so that you’re no longer ‘stuck’. She leaves you knowing that your energy aligns with your vision, and that you are back on your soul’s path.

My guiding principles in life and work

I’m all about textures (and flavours). I like things crunchy or gooey. Deep flavours and creative combinations like dark chocolate-peanuts-salted caramel flapjacks. Or coconut energy balls that I like to eat frozen. It’s got to have character! 

Creamy and soft don’t do it for me. I’m not the lady who dunks her biscuits in tea. I like to feel the crunch and the crumbs…


Every part of you is divine and worth appreciating.

We are conditioned (through the capitalist and patriarchal values) to strive for success and status at all costs and live up to the labels and titles of grandeur that we ‘believe’ will make us happy. We are encouraged to grow continuously and to increase our value or worth to society through doing more, becoming more, and having more. 

And then, when things go wrong… when we fail or come up short… we are made to feel flawed, damaged or broken.  

The acorn theory, coined by the psychologist, James Hillman, helps us consider how our environment can play a role in helping each other discover a sustainable way to promote growth and development.  

People already hold the potential for the unique possibilities inside themselves, much as an acorn holds the pattern for an oak tree

~ James Hillman, Psychologist and author,
‘The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling’ ~


What do they say

Jenny Russel
Freelancer / Ghostwriter
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Milena is the embodiment of a safe space. She's grounded, a wonderful listener, and has the ability to make sense of any struggles or situations, both through her psychotherapy background and her deep knowledge of astrology. To be part of her client's healing journey is a responsibility that Milena never takes lightly, or for granted. She is someone who has great compassion for her clients, and the capacity to provide expansive insight during their most challenging moments. Milena is absolutely someone that you want in your corner.There is so much relief to be found in the sharing of an issue: the outside view of Milena is a useful tool to find our own inner power of problem solving. It's like brainstorming with an inner team you didn't know you had! Her vision is so broad and loving I can only recommend to anyone to just reach out and step into her light!


But we hold the keys to set ourselves free

We are always in a relationship with these external forces, pressures and social structures. And it is the relationships to these things that are causing the suffering we encounter in our inner lives. 

But ‘these things’ are not only outside of us, we have internalised the values that create the suffering by (unknowingly) creating supportive environments that feed off them; in our friendships, family and local community.

But with the right tools, understanding and space to love and trust your inner wisdom, you’ll ignite the power within you to transform your entire life, career and relationships; with yourself, other people and the world around you. 

Now is the time to explore these internalised processes (patriarchy, misogyny, capitalism, racism) and to understand how they rule our lives. 

By doing this…

We can support one another in deconditioning, dismantling and reorganising our lives. 

By attending to your body (bottom-up), slowing down, checking how things feel and pacing your life according to your inner rhythms rather than running by someone else’s clock, you’ll be able to reset your inner compass and step onto the path you feel most aligned with, excited by and passionate to pursue.